Name: Alex Athorne


October 2013 to October 2018
Doctorate in Mathematics
Imperial College London - London
Thesis title: Bifurcations of set-valued dynamical systems

October 2008 to October 2012
MMath. (Hons) in Mathematics
University of Warwick


  • Primary Languages: JavaScript (4 years), Python (4 years)
  • Secondary Languages C (1 years), C++ (1 years)


During my time in current employment and from side projects I’ve gained experience using:

  1. Python3 including experience using Numpy, Pandas, TensorFlow, Keras, SQLalchemy, gensim, scikit-learn, scrapy, Jupyter Notebooks, Flask, Eve, alembic and Ansible.
  2. JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Nodejs. Including experience in Vue and Electron. I have experience publishing and developing npm packages.
  3. SQL with PostgreSQL.
  4. Experience with Git, test driven development and continuous integration/deployment.
  5. Dart and Flutter for mobile application development.

Personal Projects

My GitHub and BitBucket includes a number of personal projects I’ve worked on.

  • The repositories openai-gym-solns and BipedalWalker-v2-ddpg are implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • A JavaScript physics engine at .
  • Electron GUI app to create projects in the above physics engine.
  • genesistubs shows some of the projects built with this physics engine.
  • A mobile messaging application written in Dart and Flutter.

Current Employment

I am a software developer at AlliedCrowds, a small fin-tech company. My role ranges from full stack developer to data engineer. Our latest project is a carbon offsetting project directory. I was responsible for building a data pipeline, a Flask app and a front end written in Vue. You can see the MVP at alliedoffsets.

Other projects I have worked on include:

  • Tool that requests and saves bid-ask data across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Vue dashboard website used internally to maintain a database asset.
  • API controller that makes using the Capital Finder API easy.
  • Veux store that utilises the API controller. Now used behind a number of AlliedCrowds Capital-Finder websites.
  • make-it and gcic investor directory.
  • Data pipeline that scrapes website html, processes the text, runs analysis and updates a database asset.
  • Crowdfunding platform isdb-innovate written in Vue with a back end built in Eve and Flask.